Saturday, March 4, 2017

{ Places from the past } - B&W Version

Apart from what ever religion you might be, you can't deny that there are still great misteries about the human being that science can't discover, one of the reason for this is that this mysteries are not a tangible/ physical thing to experiment with.

The soul is our escence but where does it come from and where does it go after our physical body is gone?

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According to my religion I believe certain things but I also believe that through history MEN changed religion, meanings and words for their advantage. So it is not wrong to believe that a concept like reincarnation or past life is attached to religion ( like these ones ).

Every time I take photos of places, monuments or things that were made and belonged to a past era, I always feel attached to it, not only because I love past eras in terms of aesthetics, culture, society, lifestyles, etc but because somehow I feel connected to it. I have found articles online that talk about some signs to know that your soul has reincarnated or that you lived a past life. Bare in mind that, there are 2 theories , whether your soul might have reincarnated in the same body, thus you are repeting your life again and again until you learn what you are suppous to learn or your soul reincarnated in differented bodies and different eras.

-Signs your body has reincarnated : ( for more go here )

  1. Recurring dreams.
  2. Out of place memories.
  3. You have a strong intuition.
  4. Deja Vu.
  5. You are an empath.
  6. Precognition.
  7. Retrocognition.
  8. You feel older than your age reflects ( or maybe younger, hence you died at a young age).
  9. You have a great affinity for certain cultures/time periods/enviroments.
  10. Unexpleinable fears or phobias.
  11. You feel as though this earth is not your home.
If you want to know more about each sign please go here.

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